Your notepad, organizer, and calendar, all in one app!

The project is not ready yet!


Puddy. Your notepad buddy. Use it as your organizer, your calendar, your notepad. Keep notes, and easily send them as an email or notification to your team or yourself. Never let a good idea go by, without writing it down!

How it works

  • 1st: Download the app

2nd: Register
3rd: Use Puddy through web or app Puddy App
And thats it! Check for our free trial period.


With Puddy you have


November 2017: Idea
December 2017: Alpha Version (Site - Android App )
January 2018: Beta Version
April 2018: iOS App , Windows App
June 2018: Official Launch


Puddy Will be Free until the End of the March.
When we will Official Launch the price will be 50$ Per year with 3 days free trial.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is Puddy available for download? At the moment works on Beta mode. This mode will be available only until March 2018.
  2. What happens after March? The Beta version will not be available after March, but wait until June 2018.
  3. When you will launch? We are officially launching in June 2018.
  4. Will Puddy be a free App? Puddy will not be a free App. The Beta version will have a few days of free trial. With the official launch Puddy will feature a subscription, including a free trial period.
  5. How can i be informed for any news of Puddy? You can follow as on social and subscribe on our newsletter for any update.
  6. How safe are my data on Puddy? Everything is encrypted and we are working for the safety of the server.
  7. What operating systems will Puddy support? Puddy will support Android, iOS and Windows.
  8. Puddy will be only an application? No, you will be able to use Puddy through any browser. However, through the app you will do everything faster!


mike Mike the Duck Master,
The lead developer & creator.

helen Helen the Duck Wisperer,
The one who does everything else.

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